Finding the time…

Well, the plan for today was to get out in the yard and do a little gardening… Something that I LOVE to do. BUT, it is very windy-not exactly great gardening conditions for a pregnant lady with balance issues. Instead we are going to scrub the house. However, I am feeling a little on the blue side today. Something about being Mommy 24-7 and cleaning house and being 7 months pregnant and never getting a break is getting to me today. I am sure that it is a common condition among stay-at-home Mommies, but when do we get a break?? Is it a discipline thing? I have never been good at taking time for myself. When Jane is gone, I miss her and wish we were hanging out. I don’t like finding baby-sitters. I am not good at just calling up friends and saying- hey let’s go do whatever. So my biggest problem is me, I guess. Friends, what I need is some good old accountability. Someone to remind me that this is a need, not a want, and that we all could use a little break from responsibility.


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  1. If I was there I would watch sweet Jane in a heart beat! I cannot imagine how much she has grown! Ill be home in July or August and would love to watch them sometime then but you definately need some girl or hubby time before then! Love ya!

  2. Bring her here!!! Owen always loves to have a playmate and Jane is such a sweet girl we’d love to have her. I’m SO SERIOUS!! Call me and we’ll set up a time – you could go out to coffee, go shopping, hiking, or just back home and rest. I’m available Mon, Tues, Wed, or Friday mornings. She could come as early as 8am and I’d be happy to keep her for lunch. Also, have you given any thought to enrolling her in a Mothers Day out program? I don’t think I could survive without it! :-)I think we’re going to enroll Owen in preschool at Wee Care (UBC) where he currently attends MDO.

  3. Um, yes. So maybe some Tuesday me and you leave as soon as I get home. (If you would be okay w/Cass watching Jane for an hour or so). At least to go eat dinner – ALONE. Or something. Help me brainstorm.

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