Thank you, God

It has been a while since I have posted about Jane. This update is about her, and her precious, sweet, heart. She has been saying the most glorious things lately, which makes Chris and I even more thankful for the heart God has placed in her.
We have been in Monticello with Chris’s parents for the last few days. We arrived Wednesday night and almost immediately were ushered to the Christmas tree for Jane to open her presents from Chris’s sisters and parents. We noticed how excited she was for each item, which happened to be Princess themed… She was so thankful and never acted spoiled or greedy. When asked who she loved more (a terrible question, I know), her Memaw or Pepaw, she answered, “Memaw AND Pepaw!”.
Today, we went for a walk. We drove to the cemetary because they have nice sidewalks to walk on. Chris, his mom, and I were talking about who we knew that was buried there, about the pretty stones and monuments, etc. During our conversation we were discussing how someone we knew had died and where they were buried. I said something like, “where are they?” Jane piped in, “to go live with God, Mommy? Is that where they went?” I was amazed at how much the child listens and retains. She is always amazing me with her level of understanding…
As we were getting ready to leave Monticello, she became very upset. In the car, she stated that she didn’t know why she had “so much tears”. I said I know that it is good that she loves her family so much. She said,” that is why I am crying, Mom, because I love them and don’t want to leave them!” So sweet.
Tonight, as we were saying prayers, she said she wanted to say thank you to God for loving us so much, and thank you for all her presents. It is so wonderful to hear her say these things… I love her more every day.


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