Baby’s Heartbeat

Last week we went for our checkup at Creekside with our OB/GYN, Dr. Mitch McAlister. We took Jane, even though you are not supposed to. We chatted about the pregnancy and then we got to hear the little heartbeat… It was so great. I guess I was worried that maybe I wasn’t pregnant and that I was imagining this whole thing. Or worried that we wouldn’t be able to hear it. But, Thank the Lord, it was there. Doc said it was a good little baby because it was very easy to find the heartbeat. It was 160 bpm. Good and strong. Jane was not impressed, but I was laughing nervous laughter. Anyway, we are blessed. Thatnk you Lord for your continued provision and for blessing us so much!

If you would like to know what it sounded like, listen here.


One response

  1. Yeah! I am so glad everything is okay. I so remember feeling like that..”What if he tells me I’m not really pregnant.” It’s so funny how we psych ourselves out like that. Are you feeling okay?I love you- Ash

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