The Significant Woman

I went to a workshop type thing at fellowship on Saturday. It was AWESOME! Have any of you done this? I would really like to meet with someone that has the book or has done it in the past to go over together. It is about “pursuing your uniqueness through 7 principles, and living the life God has planned for you”. It is a very helpful tool, especially for women that are experiencing a life transition.

Things that I learned:
* I like to control my circumstances. I intellectually know that God is in control, but I still think that I make the decisions and make things happen.
* I am and have been in a state of sadness for a while. I am very emotional and I am reluctant for God to heal me. Not sure why. Maybe I like to feel sad.
* Taking care of my family is a very important role. If getting a certain type of job makes me feel terrible, then believe that is truth. God has given me my passions for a reason.
* My passions are the same ones that I have had my whole life. How do I use them to glorify God?

It was a great day.


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