It’s a gift to be simple… it’s a gift to be free.

Well, I was inspired by one of Elise’s posts the other day. I love the simplicity of my days, and I embrace the simple life. Growing up in rural Arkansas with very content parents is where I get it. In order to make my life more simple and therefore more enjoyable; I work at a restaurant so that I can stay home with my baby, I never drive in rush hour anymore, I shop at Wal-Mart, I plant a garden, I have one phone (a cell phone), I have a car with a 6 disc changer, I never send birthday, graduation, Mother’s day, etc., cards and I rarely send thank you cards. I take pictures when I have time, simply beacuse I enjoy it not because I have “talent”, and I cook most meals at home, also because I enjoy it. I do tend to watch too much tv. I guess I am under the illusion that it helps me to relax. Really, I just love to watch movies, food tv, and Martha.

Actually, I think that simplicity is a state of mind rather than being. Its all in how you look at things. I enjoy driving much more when I don’t convice myself that I am in a hurry. I enjoy cooking much more if I know that I can take my time. I enjoy Jane more when I am not concerned about her schedule.

If only I could remove every distraction in my life… The phone ringing, chores, bills, and many other things. Maybe someday.


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