or so we thought. Jane has been very cranky lately, mostly when we are away from home. So, I figure she is teething due to the whitish gums, constant hand chewing, drooling, chin rash and fussiness. Well, I went to my parents home this weekend for a baby shower for my sister-in-law and Jane was very fussy the whole time. I mean, she screamed and hollered and it was all I could do to get her to calm down! She did get her second round of shots last Thursday, so that may have contributed, but I was feeding her Tylenol and teething tabs a few times a day! Well, we got home Sunday at 4:00. And would you believe, that child laughed and played all night, went to bed early, and woke up this morning as happy as could be? Then Chris informs me that she is his child, and maybe she just doesn’t like to be away from home either. Could it be that my 4 month old is just a home-body and wants to stay in like her introvert Poppi?


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