Alas, WW again…

Well, well. It has been a bit since I have posted. I started back to work two days a week. It is not so bad, but I liked being home with the baby all the time. I am starting WW again today. My goal is to be in pre-prego clothing by Christmas, which is just around the corner. That is 25 lbs in 63 days, or 2.8 lbs per week. I am writing my food down now, as I type… I am beginning by writing everything down for 2 days, then writing everything down with points from then on. Ok. Now that that is done, how do I not weigh 300 lbs? It has been so long since I thought about what I eat! Already, I can see how this is going to stink. I HATE dieting. But WW is more like healthy eating after the first 2 weeks, less like a diet. It is hard when I am so hungry I could eat everything in the house!

Lets get real here. Jaime, please don’t be disappointed in me. I realized the need for WW after this weekend. I ate McD’s for lunch on Saturday and Taco Bell for lunch on Sunday. This is so not like me, but it was pretty yummy. So no more of that. Shauna and Stu came over Friday night and we talked about colon cleansing and poo-poo. We decided that fast food is the enemy, coupled with large portions and not enough water. Then I go out and eat FF twice! It ends here.

I will let you know how it goes…

Carrie @ 165, 25 lbs to go.


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