Oh, so BIG!

It is pretty funny when you are walking through Wal-Mart or wherever and your baby moves inside your belly and your whole body shifts! This is how big she is! When she moves, it throws me off balance or makes me grunt out loud:) She has finally begun to drop and she switched sides, giving my right rib cage some relief. It is pretty funny, I can tell exactly where her back, elbows, heels, etc are at any given time. I am definately looking forward to having her, but I am starting to get sad that I won’t be pregnant anymore. I guess that since I have been home the last week or so, I have had more time to pay attention to her. I am going to miss it, well, some parts of it.

I am also getting used to being at home all the time. I am starting to really enjoy it. I get bored some, but its not too bad. I think that poor Chris is getting tired of me being home all the time. I am sure that he can relate to PK. He told me that when he gets home Lins just talks and talks. Thats what I do. Sometimes I even cry for no reason… Just think guys. We are going to be home with infants in a little while. Imagine how much we will need to talk to you then. Just so you know, Chris. I really enjoy being home with you every night and I appreciate you dealing with the chattyness.


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