Getting close

You know how when you have something planned coming up in the near future and it seems like your life is revolving around the one event? It could be a trip, a move, or something like, oh, maybe a baby coming… Well, it pretty much controls your thoughts to the point of craziness. At least it does for me anyway. I am pretty much over it at this point. Yes, it is wonderful to talk about and I am really excited, but seriously, ten months is a freaking long time. I am working a couple of days this week and then I will have 10-17 days before the BIG day. What the heck am I going to do? No work. Too hot to go outside. Too rotund to do much else. I am going to really go crazy. Sure, I have some little projects to do, and naps are nice, but that only gets you through part of the day. Oh, and Chris is working weekends now, so did I mention that I will be all alone? So, if any of you are bored and you feel like going for a drive, come on out and see me. Of course, she could always arrive early:)


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