I couldn’t come up with an interesting title, so I named this post Tuesday. So far today I haven’t done much. Jane, however, is wallering around inside of me, breaking my ribs and poking her knees and elbows out in such a way that I think my skin is going to tear! For those that don’t know, we are having a baby girl and her name is Jane. She is pretty good, but sometimes she likes to get up under my ribcage and nest.

Chris and I are beginning to wish she was here already. The original apprehension is gone and excitement is taking over. It is pretty cool, she’ll move in response to our voices (more Chris, less me) or kick along to music.

Chris’s high school buddy Michael came into town this weekend and surprised us. He has been in Yellowstone this summer working while on break from his doctorate program at Harvard. Hanging out with him last night and this morning made for an interesting Tuesday. It is so nice to have conversations with people about life and have that feeling of accomplishment at the end. Why don’t we do that much anymore. Too much of our time “in community” is small talk. I know that I have said this before, but we need to take advantage of the fact that small talk is unnecessary if you truly know the person. “Hi, what’s going on” is not important. I want to move past that crap and actually have more meaningful conversations. I know that this is especially true for girls. We are usually distracted by twelve other things when we are catching up or talking, that we can’t really focus on having a real conversation. So from now on I am going to skip the chatty-ness and be more intentional. I am going to put myself out there, whether I have the energy or not, and TALK to my friends. You can expect this from me starting on Wednesday. I need a day to train Jane to be polite and not kick mommy when she is talking to someone:)


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