Lots to say tonight…

Well, friends, I am back. There is lots to say.
* I have a little, mini combination of Chris and myself wallering around inside my belly
* I get a caffeine buzz off of decaf coffee
* I am currently consumed with the idea of travel, and
* I can NOT get the energy to do my favorite thing in the world, work in my yard…

All of this on my first blog back in months. Tonight we celebrated Brett’s birthday at Outback, and I thought that I should come home and blog a bit. I can’t seem to go to sleep anyway (is there that much caffeine in decaf, really?) and my mind is just goin’. We talked about SDC a bit and that got me to thinking about traveling. Also I talked to a friend in NC and now I really want to go for a visit and see the ocean… So how do you justify traveling and the expense that goes along with, when you are saving for an unexpected baby and the time off work that shortly follows? Is just because I want to a good enough reason?

And the yard work… My flower beds are covered in weeds and my garden is still not planted. Who am I? I just can’t get myself out there and down on the ground to save my life! I keep saying that I will do it tomorrow, but I never do. I need another lesson of, “let your yes be yes and your no be no…”

Back to the fun stuff: Chris felt Pepito (temp baby name until we know gender) move around in there so he finally believes that it is real. Maternity clothes are starting to look somewhat normal and less like potato sacks. I have an unnatural desire to hug everyone that I see. I LOVE to look on the internet at baby stuff. All of this is pretty weird, but cool at the same time.

Well, that is about it.
More to come, I promise…


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