Yes, its that time of year…

Well, here I am again. I find myself in a surprisingly good mood. One like I haven’t been in for years. I guess it is the Christmas spirit. I am loving it this year! I just want it to snow, now. I was talking to a co-worker yesterday, and she was saying the same thing. Maybe it is because I am getting older, more organized, and more content.

The funny thing about contentment. As soon as you really get it, God seems to give you a little extra. Maybe it is just to say ‘good job’. My little extra came in the form of music. I just love it when one of my favorite artists has a new album. I love it even more when the new album in incredible! The new album I am referring to is Alison Krauss’, “Lonely Runs Both Ways”. It is so good. If you are at all a fan of Bluegrass, then run out and get it. Something about this one just speaks to me.

So, back to Christmastime and contentment. I was talking to an old friend about jobs, etc. I mentioned that if a teaching job doesn’t open up by this fall, then I have to move… He is currently working in Dallas and he said that he work rather take a regular salary job in NWA over anything anywhere else. He was dead serious. I think that I am perfectly happy here… I just want to be willing to go if God has that for us to do. So being content in not knowing what the future holds, that is where I am. Its pretty cool here.



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