Saturday Off

I am following in the recent trend of random blogs on this lovely evening on one of my only Saturdays off this fall due to game days and biker festivals.

I am LOVING the weather getting colder! I (in contrast to Virginia) am much more in favor of dressing in multiple layers, cozy socks and shoes, and scarves and hats; however, I do appreciate the time of year when you first get to wear your sandals again.

It was a beautiful day today. I had to miss the hiking trip due to lifting a ridiculously heavy tray at PH Friday night. Two aleves later and a nice relaxing day with mi amor and I am feeling quite well. It would have been a great day to be out though…

Our relaxing day consisted of collegefootballsaturday (this is one word, not to be confused with the day Saturday), eye exams, dinner with the Millers and Kelleys, freshly ground coffee a la cuisinart, and a really bad movie… The Ladykillers. Chris said it, it would have been a great play, but not a great movie. Highlights of the day being the dinner and coffee. Tomorrow will begin with a lovely chim-chim-chiree chimney sweep and more freshly ground cafe. Mary Poppins… now that was a great play and a great movie.

Please, dear friends, save me the anquish and time awasted by recommending some movies with a little less cursing and a little more substance… It seems that the past few times we took the stroll through Hastings we have been disappointed. Let’s see, there was Secret Window (terribly predictable), Second Hand Lions (give me a break), and before that there was one so bad I can’t even remember the title.

With all that said, I shall turn in. see ya’ll tomorrow.


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