Hair talk

As most of you know, when you go to get your hair done, you end up having a great conversation with your stylist. Well, my hair was done today and I did indeed have a great talk with Ms. Amy. So we were talking about God and life and friends and all, when something she said reminded me about what I had heard one day while watching Pax (I know I am a huge dork). It was this older guy, forget his name, in a plaid shirt-kinda campy, and he was drinking his coffee in his pined-out kitchen, talking about God and his timing. He was basically saying that when we want something, we just usually go out and get it when it is quite possible that God has something so much better in store for us in the future. Then, while I was telling all this and more to Amy, I realized that it had just happened at our house. Chris has been wanting a new five string jazz bass. I made the mistake of saying “sure, we can probably swing it” when in all reality it would have been wiser to say, “we should hold off on that a while”. So poor Chris has been thinking about this guitar (thanks to me) and whether or not it would be wise of us to spend $ on it for a few weeks now, and last night we were talking… He says to me, “you know I have two really great basses and I don’t think I want the jazz so much…

It is pretty cool how God changes our hearts when we just take the time to wait on Him to show us what we need. I am all the time obsessing about what I want, where I want to be, what I want to do. I never think to just be still in God’s presence and let Him reveal where He wants me or why He has me where I am. All this to say that I realize that I need to remember to RELY on God. That word rely means to be dependent on, and I don’t do that enough.


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